Thank you again, Randy,

In a field that is so often corrupted by men and women out to make a dime, I feel like I’m finding a group of honest, passionate trainers to respect and look to as role models. Honestly, I was skeptical after hearing of your “revolutionary” detection training methods. I believed, as I had witnessed so many times before, that you had a gimmick that you were able to sell to people who didn’t know any better. After hearing Brice and Pat speak so highly of you and explain a bit more about your training philosophy, I was willing to admit there may be some merit to what you were doing. Pat emailed me about your seminar in Maryland and I was able to secure a working slot and attend.

Randy and Gena, I can’t tell you enough how impressed I was with every minute of the seminar. My skepticism quickly faded the morning of the first day. Everything you said and did made perfect sense. Watching your demonstrations and working through the clicker training exercises, I believe, was an eye-opener for everyone that so clearly illustrated just how difficult we make it for dogs to learn. I was also impressed when you openly expressed that, although remarkable, your approaches to training in the past were not always the most effective and fair to the dog. I have often felt the same desire to make dogs want to learn and be open to anything another trainer has to offer.

Even if the seminar had concluded at the end of the first day, I would have felt that I had met two trainers who were in this field because of their passion for training and not for recognition or money. I could see that you honestly cared about the dogs and wanted to make whatever they were learning as clear and motivational as possible. The seminar, fortunately, did not end on day one.

I was also concerned about working my own dog at a seminar where I did not know exactly what to expect. I have worked with other trainers and been to other seminars and seen many dogs leave confused and distressed. I had put so much time and effort into training Blitzen prior to that point, I did not want to contradict my hard work. Once again, I was amazed at what we were able to accomplish with her in a few short sessions. I don’t think I could have understood or completely trusted a lot of what you taught if I had not seen it accomplished with my own dog. Everything made so much sense and I can’t understand why so many trainers will not admit there may be a better way to train detection dogs. You mentioned it, and I must agree that far too much of training is based on tradition and anything that threatens to challenge tradition must be wrong.

I want to thank you for being willing to think outside the box, learn new ideas and challenge and improve everything you can. Not only do you have a compassionate, yet effective, approach to training, you are also incredibly approachable and humble. I was just as impressed with your genuine concern and desire to help me further my career in training as I was with your ability to train dogs and communicate those ideas. I can only hope that when I look back on my legacy as a dog trainer, I will see the same insight, open-mindedness and altruism. Once again, thank you both, so much.

Ariel Peldunas and Blitzen
Washington, DC

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Obedience Training

004The Alpha Canine Training Center offers two in-house board and train programs - Three Week and Four Week - custom designed for the family dog. Your dog boards with us for for the duration of both programs, and receives training in all of the basic obedience commands - heel, sit, down, stay, come, and place. Your pet is also taught to respond to hand signals, and to work under distractions. During our four week program only, your dog is taken into pet friendly locations, to transfer the obedience training into the "real world" environment. You are able to visit your dog to see the training progress at the beginning of the final week in both of our programs.

The Alpha Canine Training Center has earned and possesses one of the finest reputations in obedience training in the industry of dog training. We bring our skill as dog trainers to all types of training, including our in-house training programs for pet and family dogs.



"The most important area in pet training is 'Obedience'. With several methods of obedience training available, I believe the Alpha Canine training system is proven, and causes virtually no stress, and is completely humane. Dogs learn very simply from positive and negative events that happen to them on a daily basis. Some things learned are good and some things learned are not so good, but one thing is certain; negative reinforcement causes stress on your dog much the same way it does humans. Behavior learned from positive reinforcement is learned without stress, and without diminishing the bond between the owner and their dog, or between dog and trainer while at the training center.

At Alpha Canine, we utilize the same techniques that marine mammal trainers use, and we now experience far better results while causing the dog no stress. By utilizing positive reinforcement we are able to teach the dog the desired behavior utilizing "Skinners Rule of Operant Conditioning". Simply put, your dog learns because he is reward driven to learn and has fun doing so. Corrections are used only in the proofing phase, and only with the proper and correct touch. We actually are able to communicate with the dog, as the dog becomes accustomed to experimenting with behaviors in order to get his or her reinforcement (reward). It's a matter of shaping the behavior to the cue or command BY THE SKILLED TIMING OF A PROFESSIONAL TRAINER.

Timing is the most important factor in utilizing this method. We can communicate with the dog only, if the dog is very clear as to what it does to cause the reinforcement; but this comes only with precise timing, and will work no other way. This is why having a professional trainer train your dog is so important. A professional trainer skilled in this method minimizes confusion, maximizes productivity, positions the dog where the chance of error is highly unlikely, and correctly uses the principals of "Variable Schedules of Reinforcement".

There are other methods being utilized in dog training today, mostly because less than 10% of the trainers are skilled in our method. There is the "Snatch and Jerk", using the pinch collars and harsh collars, that is still being used by over 90% of the trainers today. Before I learned a better way I also utilized those methods. Positive Reinforcement sometimes takes a day or two longer, but the dog greatly benefits from the absent stress and hardship caused by the harsh methods. Let's face it, the most important factor in deciding where to have your dog trained...is your dog. At Alpha Canine, you have my promise that your dog will be treated as a family member and not just another dog.

I am up-front with everyone that calls in reference to our competition. Some of our competitors charge half the price of our training, and some of them keep the dog half the amount of time. I encourage everyone interested in having your dog trained to check out our competition. Talk to their references, and talk to several veterinarians in the area, and then make a decision that you are comfortable with. Please feel free to visit "Our Reference List" as well. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you and your pet.

Randy Hare (Owner and Trainer)

If you are interested in learning more about obedience training for your family dog please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR CALL 601- 368-9944
We would be happy to discuss your needs and to provide you with more information on our training program.