Thank you again, Randy,

In a field that is so often corrupted by men and women out to make a dime, I feel like I’m finding a group of honest, passionate trainers to respect and look to as role models. Honestly, I was skeptical after hearing of your “revolutionary” detection training methods. I believed, as I had witnessed so many times before, that you had a gimmick that you were able to sell to people who didn’t know any better. After hearing Brice and Pat speak so highly of you and explain a bit more about your training philosophy, I was willing to admit there may be some merit to what you were doing. Pat emailed me about your seminar in Maryland and I was able to secure a working slot and attend.

Randy and Gena, I can’t tell you enough how impressed I was with every minute of the seminar. My skepticism quickly faded the morning of the first day. Everything you said and did made perfect sense. Watching your demonstrations and working through the clicker training exercises, I believe, was an eye-opener for everyone that so clearly illustrated just how difficult we make it for dogs to learn. I was also impressed when you openly expressed that, although remarkable, your approaches to training in the past were not always the most effective and fair to the dog. I have often felt the same desire to make dogs want to learn and be open to anything another trainer has to offer.

Even if the seminar had concluded at the end of the first day, I would have felt that I had met two trainers who were in this field because of their passion for training and not for recognition or money. I could see that you honestly cared about the dogs and wanted to make whatever they were learning as clear and motivational as possible. The seminar, fortunately, did not end on day one.

I was also concerned about working my own dog at a seminar where I did not know exactly what to expect. I have worked with other trainers and been to other seminars and seen many dogs leave confused and distressed. I had put so much time and effort into training Blitzen prior to that point, I did not want to contradict my hard work. Once again, I was amazed at what we were able to accomplish with her in a few short sessions. I don’t think I could have understood or completely trusted a lot of what you taught if I had not seen it accomplished with my own dog. Everything made so much sense and I can’t understand why so many trainers will not admit there may be a better way to train detection dogs. You mentioned it, and I must agree that far too much of training is based on tradition and anything that threatens to challenge tradition must be wrong.

I want to thank you for being willing to think outside the box, learn new ideas and challenge and improve everything you can. Not only do you have a compassionate, yet effective, approach to training, you are also incredibly approachable and humble. I was just as impressed with your genuine concern and desire to help me further my career in training as I was with your ability to train dogs and communicate those ideas. I can only hope that when I look back on my legacy as a dog trainer, I will see the same insight, open-mindedness and altruism. Once again, thank you both, so much.

Ariel Peldunas and Blitzen
Washington, DC


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