Expert Tips For Choosing The Best Dog Trainer.

A family dog is really a member of the family. So, it’s natural that people would be so concerned about finding a dog trainer that the right fit for their canine companion. But how do you go about finding
the best trainer? What do you look for? What questions do you ask?

Ian Grant, owner of “The Vermont Dog Trainer”, interviewed Randy Hare on his popular podcast, “The Vermont Dog Trainer Show”. These two professional trainers talked about the dog training industry
and give away a lot of great tips that can be learned through years of hands-on experience.

Whether you’re a dog owner looking for ideas on how to pick the best dog trainer for your dog or your just a passionate lover of dogs, we think you’ll get a lot of great ideas from this talk. And feel free to share
this with a friend who may be interested! 

Dog Trainer Video Timeline

Here is a Time Outline of the video so you can come back to it later and find the segments that are of most interest to you.

Intro to Randy’s Training Background

2:21 How Randy got started training dogs

5:30 What are dogs mostly interested in? (It’s the journey, not the destination!)

6:50 Randy’s early training and what he learned (good and bad) about the Dog Training industry

8:30 “The dog is the only one who doesn’t have a voice.” How to read what a dog is communicating

Qualities of A Good Trainer

10:00 How having a big ego can negatively affect a trainer

11:20 What can a dog owner do to better understand how to train their own dog? (Taking their innate ability and combine it with what you want it to do.)

14:40 There isn’t one style of training that fits every dog

16:40 Randy’s early training with his own beagles

18:05 Randy starts training other people’s dogs

The Evolution of Canine Training

19:25 How dog training has changed the years

24:50 Putting yourself in the position of the dog

26:28 How dog trainers can best work with dog owners in training their dogs

27:50 What dog owners should look for when selecting a dog trainer?

Randy Hare’s Training Credentials

28:55 Randy talks about his appearance on The David Letterman Show and what he learned in training his dog.

33:17 Randy’s awards and certifications (But as a trainer, what is really important?)

Behavior Characteristics of Dogs

36:58 Dominant behavior in dogs (what it really means)

42:30 How the behavior of a dog can be misunderstood. (A dog may look aggressive but there may be other factors influencing that behavior, which can be corrected.)

45:50 “Looking back, what are some of the biggest mistakes you made in your career?”

46:52 What do you think the biggest mistake that dog owners are making today, especially during this time of quarantine, that they can actually fix?

51:30 Why training should be more than just about “obedience”

Alpha Canine Training Center Expansion

54:12 Alpha K9 opens facility in Nashville TN

Dog trainer Randy Hare

One of the most important things to do before hiring a trainer for your dog is to do your due diligence. Talk to many different trainers and ask a lot of questions such as their experience, certifications and
be sure to check them out online. Read their reviews on Google and ask for references.

You can find more information about Ian Grant of The Vermont Dog Trainer on his website at or onis facebook page: .

Randy Hare of Alpha Canine Training Center in Nashville TN  and Jackson MS, has been a dog trainer for over 40 years. He is nationally recognized as an expert in K9 Obedience Training.