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Randy Hare brings his skills and experience as an expert dog trainer to structure training programs for family dogs. As a result, the Alpha Canine Training Center, Inc.™ enjoys one of the finest reputations in obedience training for dogs of any age, breed or temperament.


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Alpha Canine Training Center, Inc.™ offers a structured and effective Board & Train program custom-designed for the family dog. Your dog boards with us for the duration of the program and receives training in all of the basic obedience commands.

During our Board & Train program, your dog is taken into pet-friendly locations, to transfer the obedience training learned in our facilities into the “real world” environment.


I could not believe that it was the same dog. I thought you had switched dogs for sure. I am in awe as to the difference in Cooper.

Matthew & Cooper

You are able to visit your dog at an agreed-upon time at the halfway point of the program.

The Alpha Canine Training Center, Inc.™ has earned and possesses one of the finest reputations in training dogs in the canine industry. We bring our skill as dog trainers to all types of behavioral training, including our Board & Train program for pet and family dogs.

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The most important area in pet training is Obedience. In my 40 years of training we have learned that our board and train with structure is the most effective. Train and educate the dog, train and educate the owner and the probability of success is maximized. Dogs are happiest when we understand them, and even more so, when they understand us. Communication is key. Behavior learned from positive reinforcement is learned without stress, and without diminishing the bond between the owner and their dog, or between dog and trainer while at the training center. At Alpha Canine™, we utilize the same techniques that marine mammal trainers use, and we now experience far better results while causing the dog no stress.

By utilizing positive reinforcement we are able to teach the dog the desired behavior utilizing “Skinners Rule of Operant Conditioning”. Simply put, your dog learns because he or she is reward-driven to learn and has fun doing so. Corrections are used only in the proofing phase, and only with the proper and correct touch. We actually are able to communicate with the dog, as the dog becomes accustomed to experimenting with behaviors in order to get his or her reinforcement (reward). It’s a matter of shaping the behavior to the cue or command by the skilled timing of a professional trainer.


Dog Obedience and Puppy Training

In its purest explanation Obedience training is valuable communication between you and your dog. Our job is to teach the language and then reintroduce you to your dog utilizing that language. But there is yet another valuable addition to our method that we refer to as STRUCTURE. From the design of how our containment system is set up for comfort and efficiency to the design of our scheduling for feeding that coincides with break time to insure good housebreaking habits. We position the dog when they are learning something every second they are here at our clean and sterile facility.  You will love the way your dog is treated.

Aggressive Dog Issues

Assisting with aggressive dog training to modify unwanted behaviors can be a serious business. It can be a simple misunderstanding between owner and their dog, mistreatment from their past, other forms of abuse that may include physical or mental abuse.  We admire veterinarians who must diagnose patients that can not verbalize to the doctor what is hurting.  Likewise, we as trainers must be able to diagnose through behavior the cause of unwanted and dangerous aggression. As in the old saying with real estate about location, trust me when I tell you that the three most important things in dog training are experience, experience and experience. Recognizing and isolating the cause is PARAMOUNT in the chosen course of training for a dog with aggression issues.  We can help

Puppy Training

The first year of life is so very important not only for humans but also for dogs. It’s a prime time to accurately shape behavior to a foundation that will last the rest of the pup’s life into adulthood. Training is recommended in the first year as their young minds are like sponges absorbing every little lesson. Shaping good habits like housebreaking, kenneling, going for walks, manners while riding well in vehicles are better learned and retained in the first year of life. We can usually start training puppies as early as 16 weeks (4 Months) with fantastic results. But ANYTIME in the first year is prime time for training. We have taken dogs in for training as old as 9 years of age with fantastic results as well.

Operant Conditioning

Timing is the most important factor in utilizing this method. We can communicate with the dog only if the dog is very clear as to what it does to cause the reinforcement, but this comes only with precise timing and will work no other way. This is why having a professional trainer train your dog is so important. A professional trainer skilled in this method minimizes confusion, maximizes productivity, positions the dog where the chance of error is highly unlikely, and correctly uses the principals of “Operant Conditioning“.

Positive Reinforcement sometimes takes a day or two longer, but the dog greatly benefits from the absent stress and hardship caused by the harsh methods. Let’s face it, the most important factor in deciding where to have your dog trained…is your dog. At Alpha Canine, you have my promise that your dog will be treated as a family member and not just another dog.

From Randy Hare, “I am up-front with everyone that calls in reference to our competition. Some of our competitors charge half the price of our training, and some of them keep the dog half the amount of time. I encourage everyone interested in having your dog trained to do your own research. Visit the facility, Google the owners and trainers. Please feel free to visit “Our Reviews” as well.”

Our goal is for you to reach your goal with your dog. If we are not the right fit for your training needs……we will help you find someone who is. We’re happy to talk with you about your interests in dog behavioral training whether you are near Nashville, TN or the Jackson, MS area.

Thank you for your time and attention. We look forward to working with you and your dog.


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